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Einführung in die Upanischaden

Swami Tattvarupananda

Swami Tattvarupananda wird den Kontext der Upanischaden aufzeigen (von karma kanda zu jnana kanda) wie auch die Qualitäten und Voraussetzungen eines Schülers aufzeigen, die für ein Verständnis der Texte notwendig sind. Dann folgt ein Einstieg in die Mundaka UP.

Diese Satsangs sind nur in englisher Sprache gehalten, wobei der Swami jedoch sehr ruhig und klar spricht.


Upanischaden Block I: 1 – 4

Upanischaden Block II: 5 – 8

Kosten Viererpacket pro Block:

120,- Euro bezw. 120.- CHF / werden 4 Wochen zur Verfügung gestellt


Swami Tattvarupananda

Swami Tattvarupananda Saraswati grew up in Trichur, India. As a spiritual seeker from a young age, he was fortunate to have met many different masters of repute, among them  Swami Bhoomananda Thirtha. Keen to live his life as a Yogi, Swamiji set off for the Himalayas in search of a master & underwent rigorous spiritual practices in the company of many Himalayan spiritual masters.

His meeting with Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati, the well known traditional teacher of Vedanta, became the most important event in Swamiji’s life. Through him he mastered the old scriptures and the traditional methodology of teaching them. In 2003 he was initiated in the traditional order of the Sanyasa. 

Since then Swami Tattvarupananda is the guardian of a JJK Gurukulam, a home and school for children of dysfunctional or under- privileged families. He provides them with shelter, food, clothing as well as traditional and academic education. He is deeply involved in giving them the opportunity to grow into responsible human beings.

Swamiji teaches Sanskrit, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishad and other Vedantic texts related to Yoga. Swamiji is a master storyteller. He has a simple, humorous and direct way of teaching, which is much acclaimed all over the world.

Bhagavad Gita